Gründung von Reclaiming?

      aus "The empowerment manual A guide for collaborative groups" von Starhawk (Seite 255)
      Reclaiming had ist origins in the loose networks of groups exploring feminist spirituality in the late 1970s. Weaving together our feminist critique of partriarchal powers with the spiritual explorations oft he 1960s, we forged our own new rituals and traditions, drawing on remnants of the ancient Goddess religions that, we were discovering, lay at the root of European culture as well as many other cultures around the world. …
      Ritual brought together art, poetry, mask-making, music, drumming, as well as many of the techniques of meditation and consciousness-shifting that were part oft he new-age movements arising at the same time.
      On the Winter Solstice of 1980, a group of us celebrated with an all-night vigil. Ronald Reagan had just been elected as US president, and we lamented the sense of political dspair that we felt. By that dawn, we decided to create a political despair ritual, timed fort he next major Pagan holiday – Brigid´s Day, February 1 – shortly after Inauguration Day….256
      The ritual inspired us to look for ways to take action, and soon we learned that many people werde organizing a blockade against the nuclear power plant due to open atop an earthquake fault at Diablo Canyon in central California (laut Wikipedia: Am 10 September 1981 kam es schließlich zu einem gewaltfreien Besetzungsversuch. Von den ca 30 000 Unterstützern wurden 1960 verhaftet).
      We formed an affinity group to take part in the action, and many of us went down to the blockade and remainded for the three weeks that the action endured. At Diablo, we learned the empowerment model of organizing and developed skills at consensu decision-making. When we returned home at the end oft he blockade and rejoined our friends, we had become a collective.
      We needed a name. Because we offered so many courses called things like Reclaiming our Power, Reclaiming the Goddess or Reclaiming our Magic, we decided to call ourselves Reclaiming….260
      We did not, however, create any sort of governance structure for Reclaiming as a whole. We had aggreed that groups around the world could identify as Reclaiming if they aggreed to The Principles of Unity.